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Ahinsa Care Natural Multipurpose Cleaner is a non Foaming Essential Oil based Cleaner cum Disinfectant that is Effective on regular stains, repels Mosquitoes and other Insects and leaves citrus fragrance. Its completely Safe for Pets and Children.

Our concentrated formula offers multiple applications, from disinfecting to moppig to Dusting to Air purifying.

FREE FROM:  SLES, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Betaine, Sulfates, Phosphates, CTAC, HCL, Sodium Hydroxide, Bleach Etc

GLASS PACKAGING: Packaged in a dark brown glass bottle for light protection, our product includes an inner dropper for easy and precise use.





50 ml, 100 ml

Reviews (5)

  1. Insiya Naqvi

    ( 5 Reviews )

    It is so good and effective. I was reluctant to use the product on stone flooring but to my surprise, it works well on stone flooring as well. Will
    recommend it to other people.

  2. Arya Mathur

    ( 5 Reviews )

    It is a one-stop solution for all my stain-related concerns. I am really satisfied with the performance of the cleaner.

  3. Sanya Irani

    ( 5 Reviews )

    As a dog mother, the multi-purpose cleaner loosens up a lot of my concerns. It not only keeps the surfaces clean but also assures me as a pet owner of the health of my dog.

  4. David Mathew

    ( 5 Reviews )

    I got this for my daughter as her skin is sensitive to the chemicals and had high expectations and the product does deliver to it.

  5. Yusuf Khan

    ( 5 Reviews )

    Being a regular user of Soil Concept products, this time I tried the home care hamper of Ahinsa Care and the results did not disappoint me. They were exactly the kind that the brand stands for.

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All Plant based Essential Oils like Lemongras, Citronella, Neem, Cedarwood etc.

How to use

  • For mopping or disinfecting, add 5-6 drops of our solution to 1 liter of water.
  • For dusting or air purification, use 15-20 drops in a 1-liter spray bottle and apply as needed.  Safe for use on various surfaces including wood, marble, granite, kitchen counters, dining tables, and kids' toys. Enhance your cleaning routine with ease and efficacy.