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Discover the natural cleaning power of Ahinsa Care Natural Floor Cleaner. Made with care in India, our formula is crafted with natural ingredients for effective and eco-friendly cleaning. Safe for pets and kids, it ensures a clean and healthy floors and environment for your home.

TOUGH ON STAINS: Ahinsa Care Natural Floor Cleaner effortlessly removes stubborn dirt and stains,Germs leaving your floors perfectly clean while maintaining their original texture.

FREE FROM: SLES, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Betaine, Sulfates,Phosphates, CTAC, HCL, Sodium Hydroxide, Bleach Etc

RECYCLABLE PACKAGING: Hygiencally packed in reused Package drinking Water Bottles. No new plastic is generated from your Homes






1L, 5L

Reviews (6)

  1. Ravi

    ( 6 Reviews )

    The effectiveness is superb both cleanliness and fragrance

  2. Liza

    ( 6 Reviews )

    I am very thankful to the brand for providing us with a sustainable alternative to the pungent smell of floor cleaners. Now my home does not only look clean but it also smells sweet.

  3. Anand Kumar

    ( 6 Reviews )

    I am very much satisfied with the performance of the product. It actually can be used for multiple surfaces and the results are also good.

  4. Shailjah Ayre

    ( 6 Reviews )

    The product reduces my concern as a mother because now I can be tension free even if my child roams around the surfaces.

  5. Manzar

    ( 6 Reviews )

    For me, the best part is that is made through a natural process and no harmful chemicals have been used. A sustainable approach.

  6. Zaheen K

    ( 6 Reviews )

    The best product to clean surfaces! A must-try product from the home care range.

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NATURAL AND TRANSPARENT: We pride ourselves on being truly natural, avoiding any greenwashing. Our products solely contain plant extracts derived from authentic sources, all transparently listed for your peace of mind. Our ingredients are ecocertified, ensuring eco-friendly and trustworthy sourcing practices.

How to use

Use a capful in half bucket of water (4l) to mop the floor. Water is safe to discard in Soil. For more robust stains use Undiluted. Leave it for 10mins and Mop