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Thank you for being a conscious buyer and making Ahinsa Care your partner in this journey. Our product’s non-toxic property helps in Increasing the life span of marine life, lowering the chance of species extinction, and balancing the ecological cycle. Due to its low-foaming nature, it does not promote frothing of water bodies, which helps in lowering Algal bloom and decaying of water.

Package includes:

  1. Floor Cleaner 200ml
  2. Toilet Cleaner 200ml,
  3. Laundry Detergent 200ml
  4. Dishwash Liquid 200ml
  5. Multipurpose Cleaner Concentrated 10ml

Benefits :

  • Non-Toxic, Child safe
  • Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal natural disinfectant
  • Natural Fragrance
  • Pet friendly, will protect not only humans but also pets from getting in contact with harmful chemicals. 
  • It is an eco-friendly and environment saver.
  • It helps in saving water since it’s less foamable.
  • Skin-friendly.
  • Natural, toxins free.
  • Safe for kids and pregnant women to use
  • Safe for greywater and river friendly

Reviews (2)

  1. Joseph J

    ( 2 Reviews )

    When it comes to sustainability and still maintaining quality, Ahinsa Care delivers it. The same goes for these products as well. The products does not
    only provide quality cleaning but also keeps our hands safe.

  2. Laila M

    ( 2 Reviews )

    A good starter pack for home cleaning products. A must try!!

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How to Use

  1. Natural Liquid Dishwash:- Use a minimal amount of liquid on the scrubber and scrub the utensils well. Rinse it off and see the remarkable results! It helps keep toxins free.
  2. Natural Liquid Detergent:- Put a medium amount of liquid in your water and spin it for a while, then add clothes and wash them gently.
  3. Natural Floor Cleaner:-Use a minimal amount of floor cleaner. Pour it into the water and use a clean cloth to dampen it with the solution. Mob the floor with the wipe and rinse the water after use.
  4. Natural Toilet Cleaner:- Use a medium amount of Ahinsa Care Natural Toilet Cleaner and scrub it correctly on the seat, wait for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse it with water. Since it's all-natural and no bleach is used, it will take less water to wash it off.

Ahinsa Factor

Our motive is to create products that not only help the buyers with their benefits but also effectively impact the environment. Skin Safe product and safe for humans, especially for our domestic helpers who are more exposed to cleaners. Our aim is to promote guilt-free consumption and better earth for future generations. 

We believe that every small choice you make leaves a greater impact. It's about you caring for your family, your soil, your rivers, and even every small creature that doesn't have a voice.