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Enhance your laundry experience with Ahinsa Care Natural Laundry Detergent powder. Made with care in India, our detergent utilizes the power of naturally available Salts and Minerals for effective and eco-friendly cleaning. With full transparency and no greenwashing, our simple yet powerful formula ensures clean clothes every time.

EFFECTIVE STAIN REMOVAL: Our Ahinsa Care Natural Laundry Detergent eradicates even the toughest grease and stains, leaving clothes perfectly Clean while preserving their Fabric texture.

FREE FROM: SLES, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Betaine, Sulfates,Phosphates, CTAC, HCL, Sodium Hydroxide, Bleach Etc.

BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING: Our products are hygienically packed in Kraft Paper pouches within biodegradable boxes, ensuring no plastic waste is generated from your home.



17 × 12 × 12 cm


350 gm, 800 gm

Reviews (5)

  1. Nayra

    ( 5 Reviews )

    It is a reliable detergent powder and maintains the quality of clothes. This is also safe for hands because of the USP of being organic.

  2. Murtuza Ali

    ( 5 Reviews )

    When it comes to sustainability and still maintaining quality, Ahinsa Care delivers it. The same goes for this product as well. The product does not
    only provide quality cleaning but also keeps our hands safe.

  3. Aby P

    ( 5 Reviews )

    The best protector of clothes and hands is this detergent powder. The results were good enough to make me buy it again. A good brand and product.

  4. Aditi Jain

    ( 5 Reviews )

    I am not much of a review person but I have to review this one for the quality of this product. I tried it on the recommendation of my mother-in-law and WOW! The product is really good.

  5. Dr. Aditi

    ( 5 Reviews )

    Thank you Ahinsa Care for making such organic and environmentally friendly products. Much Love!!

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NATURAL AND TRANSPARENT: We pride ourselves on being truly natural, avoiding any greenwashing. Our products solely contain natural ingredients, ensuring eco-friendly and trustworthy sourcing practices.

How to use

1.5 to 2 tbsp for regular washing and 2.5 to 3 tbsp for heavily soiled clothes for 5 kg load. Works best in warm to hot water (40° C). Safe for machine and hand wash. Alternatively, activate the laundry powder in hot water to make a solution and use it for your preferred method of washing clothes.