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Introducing Ahinsa Care Natural Air Freshener, for a fresh and inviting home environment. Crafted with care using natural ingredients, our air freshener offers a delightful scent that rejuvenates any space. Proudly made in India, our formula ensures a non-toxic and eco-friendly approach to freshening the air, making it safe for your family and pets. Say goodbye to artificial fragrances and hello to a naturally refreshing atmosphere with Ahinsa Care Natural Air Freshener.

PLEASANT AND REFRESHING FRAGRANCE: A specially formulated Air Freshener with fragrance that instils a pleasant and refreshing smell

REMOVES BAD ODOUR: It lasts for a substantial amount of time and helps to remove musty smells and stale-stuffy air.

FREE FROM: Our Air Freshener is free from artificial ingredients, formaldehyde, aerosols, and parabens, ensuring a high-quality, safe product for your home.

SECURE PACKAGING: Our Natural Air Freshener comes in a Plastic Spray Bottle equipped with a fine mist nozzle, featuring a convenient lock and unlock feature for added safety around children.



5 × 5 × 23 cm

Reviews (5)

  1. Raya Irani

    ( 5 Reviews )

    It has a very beautiful smell of Lavender. Pure and highly concentrated. Great product!!!

  2. Aliza J

    ( 5 Reviews )

    A must essential oil to use in hair mask. Eliminates dandruff. The quality is very good. Thanks Ahinsa Care for providing such a pure essential oil.

  3. Radhika

    ( 5 Reviews )

    Reduces wrinkles and evens out uneven skin tone. Just blend few drops of Lavender oil with any carrier oil. I prefer Almond Oil and massage it on your face every night. Great results to be shown ahead!!

  4. Viren Chawal

    ( 5 Reviews )

    I use it in my aromatherapy. A great essential oil to relax your mind and destress.

  5. Kartika

    ( 5 Reviews )

    A great oil to add fragrance to your house. The quality is upto the mark. Well done Ahinsa Care!!!

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Indulge in the pure essence of rose and geranium with Ahinsa Care Natural Air Freshener for a truly refreshing home experience.


How to use

Shake Well before use, hold upright & spray in the room, For Best result spray towords the ceiling, Spray 4-5 times for a medium sized room.